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Re: beginner guitar synth questions

>those things matter, but ultimately midi is not designed for guitar synth
>and that is the bottleneck. There is no hope, all midi guitars suck. :-)
>Kim Flint                   | Looper's Delight

sigh. here we go again.

that's totally subjective, kim..andi KNOW youre KINDA kidding

a guitar synth should not be judged as anything but/.....

let this guy form his own  opinion --- i gave  a sterile--info only
depends on what he wnats to do

for many guitarists-----all ,yes ALL EFFECTS SUCK

>tweak sounds. Skip the sample triggering thing if you are doing your own
>custom sounds and not trying to sound like a bad timpani or saxophone
>player, you'll be much happier!

see-- this is your, and other people's constant mistake--- i for one , use
sounds like that 1% of the time !! it's not what works well....

guitar synth is PERFECT for setting up aquick bassline loop..or just
getting a  nice cloudy JX-3p or oberheim pad behind some guitar loops.....

the people who hate guitar synth INVARIABLY are (for some reason) always
caught up in trying to use it as a Piano, sax, or acoustic gtr. It's
HORRIBLE for that.

But--throw the whole thing out??? bizarre thought process.

it's like complaining that a strat straight into marshall on 10 doesnt make
those Chopin Etudes sound relaxing enuf. NOT WHAT ITS FOR...

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