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Re: beginner guitar synth questions


at least in the ROLAND corner...

look for  a used GR1..

thats  the last great TWEEKABLE-on-the-fly roland synth

the gr9? & gr 30 sound great..more menu driven and no 'patch names'

another way to go is the GI-10--1/2space  midi converter..then you can
patch into ANY synth uwant

there's also AXON, yamaha, casio etc for other systems..sweep thru


At 09:00 PM 02/13/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey gang, I've been bitten by the guitar-synth bug and am in the process 
>reviewing my finances to see if I can afford to get into it soon.  
>I'm not primarily interested in using it to emulate other instruments
>(although that will be nice), but I am very much into creating new sounds 
>my PC and storing them as patches on the synth unit so I can use them on 
>fly.  Does a basic device like the Roland GR-30 let you do this, or do I
>need to look into something a little more sophisticated?
>Also, is it the box or the pickup that's responsible for the quality of 
>tracking?  Is the GK-2A the only pickup I'll need to look at?
>R.I.P. Charles M Schultz
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