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Re: beginner guitar synth questions

   Well guitar synth,pretty much my subject, I agree with Kim, forget about
trying to sound like other instruments,I turn my guitar signal into a
sequencer,a lead synth, whatever, I use the Electro harmonix Microsynth
plugged into a lot of other EH effects and into a boomerang,I find the
Microsynth very easy to use and I can make it sound very cool,I never run
out of cool sounds with it.  then I feed all that into the Roland SPV 355,
wich is a rack analog synth with all kinds of filters, VCO´s and such,and
then I run all that into another looper.

  Some older analog Synths like the KORG MS-20 let you plug another signal
into them and use all their filters as well...

  But  you should check out the new and amazing Sherman Filterbank, wich is
a very cool device with tons of knobs and switches to twist, detune, 
and deconstruct ANY signal you feed in, here´s the page: