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Guitar synth..take it (or leave it ) for what it is

At 12:02 AM 02/14/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>   Well guitar synth,pretty much my subject, I agree with Kim, forget 
>trying to sound like other instruments,I turn my guitar signal into a

actually..(correct me please Kim??)-- i feel what's unfair about Kim's
response is he IS rating guitar synth via sounds that never will work
"well" on them -like sax, trumpet, ac gtr, etc(and indeed-depending on your
musical needs, they may)

by this formula:

a violin sucks-since one don't sound so good doing the intro to 'pinball

a piano sucks-- trying to cop all those bernie worrell lines on
'flashlight', or the emerson solo at the end of 'lucky man'


dunno about you, i'm here to make music outta whatever technology comes
along...and that for me starts with the highly technological yamaha
acoustic guitar
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