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Re: Guitar synth..take it (or leave it ) for what it is

>At 12:02 AM 02/14/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>>   Well guitar synth,pretty much my subject, I agree with Kim, forget 
>>trying to sound like other instruments,I turn my guitar signal into a
>actually..(correct me please Kim??)-- i feel what's unfair about Kim's
>response is he IS rating guitar synth via sounds that never will work
>"well" on them -like sax, trumpet, ac gtr, etc(and indeed-depending on 
>musical needs, they may)
>by this formula:
>a violin sucks-since one don't sound so good doing the intro to 'pinball
>a piano sucks-- trying to cop all those bernie worrell lines on
>'flashlight', or the emerson solo at the end of 'lucky man'

no, that's absolutely nothing at all like what I was saying. That's just
what you decided I said so that you could make some other commentary.

you do recall that I spent 3 years of my engineering career working on what
was supposed to be the be-all and end-all of guitar synths? When I say they
all suck, it's a technical commentary on the technology.


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