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Re: beginner guitar synth questions

At 9:32 PM -0800 2/13/00, andre wrote:
>>> custom sounds and not trying to sound like a bad timpani or saxophone
>>> player, you'll be much happier!
>>Ok, that's an intriguing idea which I'm going to have to look into.  What
>>specific analog synths should I check out?
>i'd say=--- any one which a piano player won't flip out on and say sounds
>fake....>as will always be the case when new frontiers are pushed. 
>the attack on Dylan for 'going electric'

we are talking about analog synths here, I don't think a piano player is
gonna care much about how close the low-pass is to a real minimoog any more
than he'll care the tone of a timpani :-)  It's those analog synth freaks
you have to watch out for, but people I know seem to really like the
Waldorf Q:



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