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Re: Jam Man Memory once again...

hi mats

i upgraded my jamman last week ... so you're really the only one left.

try at roguemus@ix.netcom.com

they are shipping to europe and make a very good job ... it took me just 4 days, to get the upgrade.


"Mats Eriksson (ECS)" schrieb:

Sorry folks for being a newbie to loopers and ...

... I am probably the only one left who hasn't upgraded my Lexicon Jam Man to its full 32 MB capacity!

Where can I get hold of those weird ZIP chips?

"Chips for Less" in Texas has run out of it, as well as other Internet related resources. Mind you, I live in Sweden where the total amount of Jam Man's sold are
10. So no one wants (music shops) to order it anyway...

Probably the price will be more expensive than a second hand Jam Man with full memory!