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Re: beginner guitar synth questions

Hey there,

No, there are actually quite a few different pickups and systems out 
there...  The pickup is a portion of how accurate the tracking of what you 
are playing relative to the synth playing the same notes generated by the 
controller.  The conversion brain is going to be the second half equation, 
and you'll possibly want to either go with an all in one system or go Axon 
for faster tracking...  Not sure if you're going to be using an electric 
guitar or an electric bass guitar, but either way, the best conversion 
brains are going to be (in order of better accuracy)
Axon AX-100 (or AX-100SB)
Yamaha G50
Roland GR-33
Roland GR-30
Shadow SH-075

For pickups, I recommend going with RMC's, however they are a bit pricy 
and aren't the easiest thing to install...  If you go with a HEX system, 
such as the Roland GK-2a, or Axon/Yamaha equivalent, you'll find that the 
tracking is not as accurate and that the number of incorrect notes, 
warbles, and just silence is going to increase.  However, you'll also be 
able to get a good idea of just what a synth guitar can do, plus they're 
far easier to install, and don't require as specific an instrument.

Lastly, it looks as though all you're really wanting is a controller,... 
may want to check out a Ztar by Starr Labs, you'll find that they're the 
fastest thing around, however, you do loose the sound of a guitar (they're 
really keyboards in guitar's clothing).

For all-in-one systems, you may want to check out a Parker MIDIFly or 
BMCGuitar MIDIGuitar.

Hope this helps!
L8r on,