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Re: Guitar synth..take it (or leave it ) for what it is

> as no pitch to MIDI (or pitch to voltage) conversion is
> EVER going to track smoothly and quickly enough to be
> more than a curiousity.

I read that the AXON converter uses what is essentially a neural net to
"learn" the characteristics of your instrument, and preempt the usual 1/2
freq. delay in conversion. Other members may be able to give their opinions
on how well this works, but it does pull down the conversion time for the
lower strings (at least on paper). Also, it seems that piezo pickups in the
bridge track better than magnetic (under the strings) ones. The GK-2A
tracks reasonably for an afforable synth solution as long as it's mounted
properly, and you use a pick/plectrum and a nice clean technique. But I
know Bert Jansch uses a MIDI converter of some sort, and gets it to work
for finger-style playing. Anyone know what he's using?

I think there was also a guitar (late 1980s) that bounced an ultrasonic
wave from the bridge up the string, where it reflected off the fret, and
using this it could work out the note for MIDI info. Sensors near the
bridge detected string bending. I think Andy Summers used one. Anyone
remember this, or is it my over-active imagination again?

- John