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Re: Guitar synth..take it (or leave it ) for what it is

I checked out the Axon AX-100 at NAMM. If you use a pick, it's probably
the best choice of what's out there currently, but it can't track
fingerstyle playing at all, since their technology is based on reading
the transient from the pick attack. I was seriously considering buying
one, but my existing IVL Pitchrider tracks better than the Axon for my
style (not that it's all that great either). The only MIDI converter I
know of that's supposed to work for fingerstyle guitar is the Shadow
system that's designed for acoustics (aimed at nylon string players,


johnmcc@aldiscon.ie wrote:
> [George:]
> > as no pitch to MIDI (or pitch to voltage) conversion is
> > EVER going to track smoothly and quickly enough to be
> > more than a curiousity.
> I read that the AXON converter uses what is essentially a neural net to
> "learn" the characteristics of your instrument, and preempt the usual 1/2
> freq. delay in conversion. Other members may be able to give their 
> on how well this works, but it does pull down the conversion time for the
> lower strings (at least on paper). Also, it seems that piezo pickups in 
> bridge track better than magnetic (under the strings) ones. The GK-2A
> tracks reasonably for an afforable synth solution as long as it's mounted
> properly, and you use a pick/plectrum and a nice clean technique. But I
> know Bert Jansch uses a MIDI converter of some sort, and gets it to work
> for finger-style playing. Anyone know what he's using?
> I think there was also a guitar (late 1980s) that bounced an ultrasonic
> wave from the bridge up the string, where it reflected off the fret, and
> using this it could work out the note for MIDI info. Sensors near the
> bridge detected string bending. I think Andy Summers used one. Anyone
> remember this, or is it my over-active imagination again?
> - John