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Re: Guitar synth..take it (or leave it ) for what it is

I haven't kept up on this thread so forgive me if the following has already
been mentioned. You guys have already established that the guitar will
hardly allow for zero latency pitch tracking in a 'conventional' 
Now, if you're going to play MIDI guitar IMHO I think you have to let go of
the notion of the 'guitar' and start thinking of it as an entirely new
instrument. Although the playing techniques may be similar for both, the
instruments (mentally) are not. They require a different approach.
Technology obviously also forces us to take that different approach, but
from this point of view, should it not seem logical that the instruments be
unique not only mentally but physically i.e. the MIDI controller and the
guitar be two separate instruments? The question is not only, *can* a 
also be made into a (satisfactory) MIDI guitar, but *should* it be?
I was wondering if anybody has tried Harvey Starr's instruments or has
anything to say about his approach to the guitar/MIDI guitar problem? I've
never played one of them:


thanks for listening