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Re: Running guitar in to a Korg AR1

I run guitar and guit synth through an ER-1. It doesn't synthesize per
se. But you can ring modulate the external sound coupled with one of the
percussion sounds. Main musical use is for gating the external sound per
the programmed rhythm along with the percussion synth pattern. Settings
are limited to control of the volume, pan, low boost and decay of the
external sound. 

Its neat having the guitar or whatever be one of the drum machine
voices. Though keyboard sounds like organ or pads, sounds with a
consistent sustain,  are more controllable and traditionally used with
the gating effect, its kind of a trip to have the ER chop up the guitar
rhythms in assorted ways. Advice would be the same as for everything
else in the musical tools category: experiment, and YMMV.

David Kirkdorffer wrote:
> Has anyone run a regular guitar signal into either of the KORG ER or AR
> devices to use their on-board synthing capabilities?
> Any words of advice?
> David Kirkdorffer