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Re: OT: beginner guitar synth questions-

right on

you mean you enjoy this godawful thing???


>Does midi guitar suck?  For someone with refined needs
>like Kim, apparently.  

yes--and KIm-- it's very cool that YOU don't enjoy them. My earlier point
was that you should let a newbie get some info without so much of a value

and re: your comment about my desire for 'commentary"..what are we here 

>I never use a pick on midi guitar, I use my thumb and
>3 fingers.  Jee, I thought it worked.  I guess I just
>fooled myself for the past 3 years.  What do I know, I
>have only played guitar for 32 years?  I probably
>don't even know how to play the guitar, I have just
>fooled myself into thinking that.

apparently so(he he heh :)

>And I know I am a fool because I actually enjoy some
>the the sounds on the Roland GR-09 like sax, hammond
>organ, and god fobid, trumpet.  Do I sound like Ben
>Webster, Jimmy Smith or Miles? Hell no, was I supposed
>to?  I sound like me, a fool having fun with sounds. 
>When I play (an actual) acoustic guitar I don't sound
>like Django either.

sounds crazy to me.

>While the Roland vg-8 is not midi, it is a fun, and
>highly tweekable sound source (hexaphonic modifier)

no..it's not..it just sucks and you must hate it, no??

>It sucks how much fun I am having with this gawd awful
>midi guitar, fake instrument sounds, and slow midi
>control, looped into multiple echoplexes with old
>codec chips.

there ya go!!
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