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Re: beginner guitar synth questions

At 10:10 PM 02/14/2000 EST, you wrote:
><< remember the attack on Dylan for 'going electric' >>
>Dylan went electric!?!!!  when????
>Seriously, a guitar synth can do some wonderful things.  The first one I 
>was the now dirt cheap, but a little hard-to-find Yamaha G10--kinda 
>like a long green pickle with strings.  Worked perfect for laying down 
>and bass lines in particular and some very neat, weird percussion.  
>just fine and transmitted over midi well.  

no it DIDN'T.You, too, are clearly hallucinating

>playing.  In think the best Roland made was the GR1 (w/expansion) and the 
>truly magical VG-8.

i agree--and thats where i started-- hoping to recommend avery useful unit
to a newbie

a big mistake of roland was to kill the GR1. They always run to the next
'better' models too fast!!!

and-- the Dylan thing is only a rumor. I think he's gonna convert back to
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