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Re: beginner guitar synth questions

<< remember the attack on Dylan for 'going electric' >>

Dylan went electric!?!!!  when????

Seriously, a guitar synth can do some wonderful things.  The first one I 
was the now dirt cheap, but a little hard-to-find Yamaha G10--kinda looked 
like a long green pickle with strings.  Worked perfect for laying down 
and bass lines in particular and some very neat, weird percussion.  
just fine and transmitted over midi well.  The new guitar synths are very 
good too, but really no better than the "old' G10.  Each string could be 
assigned a different midi channel which was very cool for those really 
pads.  One thing I learned over the years with many guitar synths is that 
would always shut off aftertouch and pitch bend on a midi sound module 
controlled by a guitar synth unless I had a specific reason for needing 
One way to help your system respond more accurately to what you're 
playing.  In think the best Roland made was the GR1 (w/expansion) and the 
truly magical VG-8.

Dylan really did go electric???