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Re: Guitar synth..take it (or leave it ) for what it is

<< I think there was also a guitar (late 1980s) that bounced an ultrasonic 
wave from the bridge up the string, where it reflected off the fret, and 
using this it could work out the note for MIDI info >>

The Yamaha G10 Guitar Synth (Big Green Pickle) worked that way.  It's 
were all 16's, all tuned to G.  Tracked pretty damn well,  Better than the 
last Roland Strat I played.  It is a two-part deal.  One the pickle, the 
other a rackmount G10A conversion module.  No sounds of it's own, but used 
drive other modules, worked great.
ps: "all guitar synths suck" according to Kim.  According to me and a few 
thousand others, that's just not the case.  They do have a place in a 
'arsenal'.  Of course, I regret that I'm not an engineer that knows 
everything, absolutely. ;-)