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The Sherman Filterbank

It's is a great unit, but pricey. Fortunately I picked up mine used. We use
it all the time in our work in Fingerpaint to color synth patches or grunge
up digital effects. Originally the makers in Belgium would send you a
cassette tape of sounds and melody lines before and after the Filterbank
was applied to give you an idea of it's qualities. I do not know if they
still do this but I have included their web site.

The home of the Sherman Filterbank complete with a copy of the Abuser's
Manual is at:


To buy a Filterbank in the USA try:
 But be ready to cough up $800...

For more info go to:




Sound on Sound also do an extensive review a while back which is very
useful if you pick one of these beasts up.

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           obscure samples layered upon a hypnotic illbient backdrop.

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