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Re: The Sherman Filterbank

hello patrick, i'm thinking seriously about getting a sherman for
processing my stuff (loops of course). 
i have a few questions for ya or any other experts out there (andy?):

- does it process stereo or more?
- does it have a wet/dry control?
- can the vcf's be controlled by midi clock
- is it noisy?
- can you compare it to the mam warp or the electrix filter factory?


   -the man cable-

Patrick Smith schrieb:
> It's is a great unit, but pricey. Fortunately I picked up mine used. We 
> it all the time in our work in Fingerpaint to color synth patches or 
> up digital effects. Originally the makers in Belgium would send you a
> cassette tape of sounds and melody lines before and after the Filterbank
> was applied to give you an idea of it's qualities. I do not know if they
> still do this but I have included their web site.
> The home of the Sherman Filterbank complete with a copy of the Abuser's
> Manual is at:
> http://www.ping.be/sherman/
> To buy a Filterbank in the USA try:
>  But be ready to cough up $800...
> http://www.en-port.com/
> For more info go to:
> http://www.t-v.nl/sherman/numbers.htm
> http://www.eurosynthusa.com/sherman.html
> http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/sherman.html
> Sound on Sound also do an extensive review a while back which is very
> useful if you pick one of these beasts up.
> Patrick