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Re: The Sherman Filterbank

>hello patrick, i'm thinking seriously about getting a sherman for
>processing my stuff (loops of course).
>i have a few questions for ya or any other experts out there (andy?):
>- does it process stereo or more?

no. there is only one input. it does have two output channels though. it
looks like mr. gillis has just released a much bigger box which would fall
into the "or more" category. its called the "Sherman Quad Modular Filter"
and looks like four filterbanks bolted together in a modular synth style
casing. more info on the web site.

scary looking stuff.

>- does it have a wet/dry control?


>- can the vcf's be controlled by midi clock

no, but you can trigger the envelope with midi note ons or control the vcfs
with a continuous controller.

>can you save the various parameter values (presets) via midi?


>- is it noisy?

yes. very, very noisy.

you can actually download the entire manual in pdf format from the web