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RE: Much respect to guitarists...

Well, Hi DJ!

I have waited (too!) long for a looping device that sends MIDI clocks to 
whatever sample you've made
at your turntable/CD/sampler. I do think it exists, however, really 
expensive and hard to get. I ve worked with a DJ that used such equipment. 
We had to sync his scratching to MIDI sequencer, and a played gtr and 
keyboards to it. It did turn out well, after a lot of hassle. I have 
forgotten just about everything what the brand/make was and whatever. It 
was back in the mid 90's.

The Lexicon Jam Man looping device was actually intended for DJ's! The 
Echoplex that succeded it (however, a different company, Oberheim)was (is) 
far more intricate and technically sounding better. However, not that 
intuitive to use.Those two effect boxes among other similar things are the 
reason for this list/site/newsgroup.

And actually, DJ's are the ones who started "looping" on a large scale 
anyway, so your input is very welcome in this field. And there should be 
lot of Looping equipment out there for DJ's, however I do not know how or 
where to get it.

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From: Mad K.O.S. Determination [mailto:lilithxy@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 11:32 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
Subject: Much respect to guitarists...

...but I am a dj wondering about MIDI compatible looping equipment that 
run off of turntables for in situ mixing. Anyone out there a dj?

I am relatively new to this hardware... What's this raving about the 
Echoplex? Would it be usuable with live scratching? Would this be the best 
model? Anyone with recommendations?


MIDI novice.
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