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RE: Sustainiac Sustainer

    I tried the sustainer and it just didn't work for me at all. I could 
one string vibrating briefly haha.but it was probably that I didn't know 
to use the darn thing. Well, I think it's neat that someone would take the
sustainer and have that be there main thing.Neat, but man did it not work
for me haha. For me, it sounded like a pig squealing right out of


Denis Taaffe 
denis_aliengtr@geocities.com <mailto:denis_aliengtr@geocities.com>  
http://www.dtguitar.com <http://www.dtguitar.com>  

: Sustainiac Sustainer

It helps him get a "live" sound since Exottica was recorded direct to PC at
his  home studio.
haha,  this line srikes me funny. I don't know, to me live means "no
overdubs" or added tracks,reguardless of where performed,no? do you loopers
think along the same lines?.