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passive pickups

thanks to all that answered but i think im going to stick with the EMG's
because i used to have seymour duncans on the steinberger(composite
neck/with custom made mahogany body) and it was still harsh sounding and i
have just tried a set of gibson pickups that my mate had lying around with
the same result.
i think that i should explain that i get a good lead, crunch rhythm and
picked arpeggio type sound (?) its just when i strum that i get this harsh
sort of overtone and at first i thought it could be the EMG's but i have 
EMG's on a wooden necked guitar and they sounded just fine but recently as 
have a built in GK2A pickup i tried the roland vg8. now the vg8 should 
just fine with anything but i was still getting this harsh 
zing through the sound so it must be the composite neck. i have
raised/lowered the action and tried different things but it still sounds 
same (no truss rod for adjustments!!!!). oh well i will just have to play
music without strums or get a wooden neck of some sort.
thanks again