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OT: crosstalk on hex pickups

--- Phaedebk@aol.com wrote:
>     The RMC's are going to work out a bit better
> than the Hex as they are 
> going to be set directly on the string, and they
> aren't going to have to deal 
> with the amount of crosstalk which is normal for the
> Hex (magnetic, GK-2a) 
> pickups which are out there.  

RMC's are hex pickups, hex piezo.  GK-2a are hex
inductive.  Crosstalk in these hex pickups has been
discussed at great length in the Roland VG-8 mailing
list.  Anecdotally, from what I see on the VG-8
mailing list, crosstalk seems to be reported on hex
piezo's more often than hex inductive pickups.

Here is one thread in the VG-8 archives that deals
with one mans quest to eliminate apparent adjacent
string crosstalk in a piezo equipped guitar into a


Many VG-8 posts have dealt with apparent crosstalk
issues.  I say apparent because some have found that
what they thought was crosstalk was just brain
confusion using pitch shifted patches while also
hearing some acoustic sound directly from the strings.
 This confusion can be eliminated by listening
directly to the pitch shifted sound via closed back
headphones.  True adjacent string crosstalk can be
seen via the VG-8 individual string output level
display, or tuning display.

True crosstalk problems have been noted using piezos
(as seen in the previously referenced VG-8 thread). 
You will note that some of the emails are from Richard
McClish, founder of RMC.  Based on his comments,
clearly he has seen and studied mechanical crosstalk
in hex piezo equipped instruments.  Richard has also
noted that because of piezo's high output impedance
(~10pf), bundling 6 unbuffered piezo signals (in
cables) allows for much electrical crosstalk due to
cable capacitance.  Buffering the piezo outputs
reduces this dramatically, if not making it completely

The RMC's are noted as being an excellent pickup,
albeit expensive. 

Some users have noted apparent crosstalk in GK-2a
equipped guitars.  At least one of these reports
alleges he was able to eliminate the crosstalk by
changing how the Gk-2a was mounted.

I have used a GK-2a pickup on a Gibson 335 style
guitar with no apparent crosstalk observed with a VG-8
or GR-09.  I now use a GK-2a internal kit on a solid
body Ibanez with no apparent crosstalk problems.  I
play with 2 other musicians using Gk-2a pickups solid
body guitars into VG-8 systems with no apparent

I make these comments to note that crosstalk can be
confusing, can be mechanical or electrical, and may
vary depending on how the hex pickups (either style)
are mounted, and wired.

IMO, the GK-2a is a fine, cheap hex pickup, with no
inherent crosstalk issues when installed properly.


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