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Re: OT: crosstalk on hex pickups


    Thanks for the correction!  Though I do have to disagree with you as 
as performance goes on piezo vs. magnetic relative to a GR-30, G50, and 
AX-100SB...  My main point of contention is that I've honestly had much 
better results with the RMC's than I have had with either the AX101 or the 
GK-2a pickups.  Granted, it could also be an issue of personal preference, 
too...  I really enjoy many of the "side" benefits of the RMC's on my 
especially the "acoustic tone" which is generated if you blend the 
pickups totally out.  In the end, with the RMC's the majour advantage I've 
experienced has been with far superiour tracking; less note drop outs, 
warbling, less note volume spikes, etc. relative to the inductive version 
pickups out there.
    Haven't really tried out a VG-8 just yet...  (To be honest, I've never 
really seen the use, as I'm happy playing a doubleneck in order to get a 
decent 12 string sound.)  Liked yutzing around with the different "pickup" 
configuration designs and sounds, but that was about it.

    I'm probably repeating myself, but the one thing that I can easily say 
using just the GR-30 as a test bed is that with a GK-2a and RMC's on the 
guitar is that the RMC's do a much better job as far as tracking goes.  
the only thing which is semi-ouched on the RMC's is the price and the fact 
that they won't go into every guitar out there.  
    Where I have to totally agree with you is when you make the point of 
saying that the Roland GK-2a is a worthwhile less expensive way to go in 
order to get into the synthesizer guitar field.  Something about their 
ability to be mounted on just about any instrument out there.

    All in all, the important thing is that there are lots of choices out 
there for this "instrument."