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Re: Korg D8; Extra HDD

Interesting.  I called Korg and was told the internal drive was
"proprietary" and that fitting a new internal drive was impossible.  Hmph.
I would have greatly preferred internal at the time (no longer have the
D-8).  But an external 4.3 gig purchased from Club Mac worked wonderfully.
No technical expertise necessary, just a SCSI cable.  I don't think the D-8
can format more than 4 megs, so don't waste money on a huge drive.  But
that's something like 70 minutes of 8-track time.  Oh yeah, you can connect
more than one drive if you're really greedy....

David Myers

><< Anybody know what kind of HDD and how to hook it up to Korg D8?  >>
>I've installed 4.3 gig drives in Korg D-8's and Roland VS-880's, replacing
>the originals. An external SCSI drive should work as well.  Probably not
>"wide SCSI" or "ultra-wide SCSI" though.
>let me know if I can fix you up,
>                                hawkeye