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Re: Korg D8; Extra HDD

<< Interesting.  I called Korg and was told the internal drive was 
"proprietary" and that fitting a new internal drive was impossible.>>

    Funny, that's exactly what Roland said when their VS-880 came out with 
540 meg hard drive.  But I upgraded mine to 4.3 gig anyway (and several 
others on the VS-880 list).  Check it out: I believe those discussions and 
instructions are kept in some little FAQ archive now, since I regularly 
email from people still wanting to do that upgrade themselves.  My "15 
minutes of fame".  ;-)  A little more complicated job than the Korg D-8, 
though.  You have an internal SCSI bus and an EIDE bus available to you in 
the Rolands and a drive bay that will hold a 3.5" drive.  The problem is, 
power supply won't tolerate any drive that draws more than 10 amps (more 
less) on startup.  So the 2.5" Toshiba drives I bought from Siliconel were 
the perfect solution.  And that doesn't always happen. BTW, Javier: the 
upgrade is a piece a cake.  If it takes you ten minutes, you're movin' 
slow.  ;-)