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Re: [CT-Collective] going to LD

Greetings fellow loopers...

About a year ago a number of us here at Loopers Delight initiated a "Chain 
Tape" project and physically mailed a cassette around the world, adding 
loop recordings as it traveled. That became a 4 cd compilation called 
Chain Tape 1. We've gone on to two other projects: a 75 second 
"miniatures" project with 24 involved; and a "Found Sound" project which 
was just completed. It can be downloaded at Morgan Hamilton Lang's "Loop 
Exchange" site...


We've gone one to create a mailing list 30+ people strong (so far) for the 
purpose of recording compilation - collaboration CD's for low cost. These 
CD's are often themed, and are fun and useful in the exchange of musical 
ideas, talents, and inspiration. If you would like to find out about, 
participate in, or help in arranging such collaborations. We'd love to 
have you here! For those of you worried about too much email... The main 
CT-Collective list is not nearly as busy as Loopers Delight... 

At this point we're open to various forms of media: cassette, dat, audio 
data files, and I believe we'll be mini-disc capable soon as well. 
Mastering, duping and artwork is usually handled with volunteers within 
the project group. At the end of the project we ante up any mailing, 
duping costs and then receive our cd's. (Usually well below the $20 
mark...) We've also begun mailing all our submissions directly to the 
mastering volunteer in parallel in order to speed turnaround time on 

Here's all the pertinent info for anyone interested in becoming part of 
any future recording projects as well as proposing your own...

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Best regards,
-Miko Biffle