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RE: looping electronic percussion

At 12:56 PM 2/23/00 +1100, you wrote:
>Seems like you'd be much better off with a sequencer or drum machine that
>can run in loop record mode.  eg: Dr550, 660, Alesis SR-16 etc.

I've got an SR-16, but the interface doesn't appeal to him. We often do
parts where I'm looping the SR-16 and/or percussive synth sounds and he's
playing against it, but he'd really like to be able to run his own device.
Since he's playing the kit and has sticks in hand anyway, putting triggers
on his existing drums would be the smoothest evolution of what we're doing:
mostly improvised parts which, since there are only two of us, can change
direction very spontaneously. We're definitely not midi-synched, there are
no click tracks or tightly sequenced parts arranged in advance; just
improvised stuff for the most part.
>That is if your drummer only wants to loop drum module sounds rather than

It's not so much that he doesn't WANT to loop audio, but there's the
problem of live mics and monitoring without the loop feeding back into
itself. (He's also got MY loops blasting away from a monitor right next to
him so he can hear them over the drum kit, and he doesn't want to hear
about wearing cans!) The module's appeal would be the clean signal it would
send to his looper, and also since the non-looped module sounds would be in
unison with the acoustic drums that trigger them, adding depth and
complexity in variable degrees to the overall sound. Also, a dedicated
looper would allow him to loop samples along with his kit.

There have been several great suggestions on this thread, and I hope to
hear more ideas. So far, although it's all been good advice, the one
suggestion most applicable to our particular situation has also been the
simplest; Alan Barnard's advice involving a DL-4 on the floor next to the

Thanks everyone,