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RE: looping electronic percussion

Seems like you'd be much better off with a sequencer or drum machine that
can run in loop record mode.  eg: Dr550, 660, Alesis SR-16 etc.

That is if your drummer only wants to loop drum module sounds rather than

If you're sending MIDI notes already from your drum interface module, and
your drummer is playing along so a MIDI sequence (with time code) you can
sync the sequencer or drum machine to that.

He may even want to dump the trigger idea altogether (they can be a but
finicky) and just play on the velocity sensitive pads of a suitable drum
machine in loop record mode, and then switch to the sticks for the live

Happy spirals,

Richard Allen

Applications Engineer

Famous Technologies
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From: Christine Bard [mailto:lerocher@pipeline.com]
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Subject: Re: looping electronic percussion

>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 10:01:59 -0500
>From: Tim Nelson <tcn62@ici.net>
>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Subject: looping electronic percussion
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>I've asked this before, but since the listmember subscribershipness is in
>constant flux, maybe someone has an idea...
>I'm playing with a percussionist who's developed a severe case of
>loop-envy. We generally play as a duo and he has to sit there on his
>hydraulic-pneumatic drum throne stuck in one layer of real time while I 
>to have all the looping fun.
>What he'd like to do is to put triggers on his acoustic kit to control a
>drum module (probably an Alesis D4) which he'd then run to an as-yet
>unspecified looper. Since money IS an object, he's looking at either a
>Headrush or a DL4, which leads to the crux of the biscuit:
>Do any of you have any ideas for a way to modify the switches on either of
>these units so they could be stick-controlled? As a kit drummer, his feet
>are too busy to deal with a stompbox. I suppose he could mount the looper
>between his floor toms and hit the switches with the heel of his right
>hand, but it would be particularly cool to have a couple of pads in the 
>that would serve as switches to start and stop the loop when hit with a
>We've got an old Yamaha DD-5 sitting there; the sounds are horrible, but
>it's got 4 pads and a MIDI out. Since neither the Headrush nor the DL4 are
>MIDI, can anyone suggest an affordable hardware interface solution that
>would allow the DD-5 pads to replace the switches? Or would it make more
>sense to rig up some sort of mechanical stick-activated switches?

Is a volume pedal next to the hi hat too prosaic?    You can even use two
and pretend you have a mixer.  (get two Dod 4second delays and fake a 

...anything with a fader words well, also.

Christine Bard

                                 Christine Bard

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                   Now it looks like I'm the only one moving.
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