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Re: Cline/Bendian in Portland

In a message dated 2/21/0 5:55:45 PM, improv@peak.org writes:

>>Just have to say I caught this show, practically by accident. We were 
>>a block and a half away in downtown L.A. and afterward we walked by The 
>>and heard all this racket.

>I just wanted to add that *IT REALLY SUCKS* that Cline and Bendian are
>playing 3 nights withing driving distance of me (Eugene, Portland and
>Seattle) and I can't make any of the shows because I have gigs.

I feel your pain, brother. I've been there. Nels and our very own LD'er 
are local boys and I've been itching to catch them both for a year and a 
half, but always missed these interesting shows due to schedules - often 
own gigs, too.  Like I said - only by accident did I manage to catch this 

> I'll actually be playing just a few blocks away from their PDX show, but 
>looks logistically impossible, unless they play really late.

Could be - I think they went on about 11:50 and I heard they were 
for 10:00.  This is also why I was able to not miss it.

> The Rob Blakeslee 4-tet, awesome players and good friends of mine, are 
>Portland show, don't miss this if you are at all capable...

What also sucks is they will probably miss all three of your shows, too.

eric p
echo park