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Re: looping electronic sounds

--- Christine Bard <lerocher@pipeline.com> wrote:
> >Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 10:01:59 -0500
> >From: Tim Nelson <tcn62@ici.net>
> >Subject: looping electronic percussion

> Is a volume pedal next to the hi hat too prosaic?   
> You can even use two
> and pretend you have a mixer.  (get two Dod 4second
> delays and fake a stereo
> signal...)
> ...anything with a fader words well, also.

   I just got into this looping thing.  My rig
of a Jamman, Alesis MIDIverb IV and a Behringer
Composer, I buss all my inputs through a MAckie
and use the AUX 1,2 for the Jamman (looper) and the
Effects processor,  the output of the jamman goes back
into the line-in of the board so that I can layer some
other sounds while hearing the looped program and add
more effects, feedback is still a issue I'm working
  The Compressor, I havn't found a practical use for
it yet but I intend on using it to control the gain
levels signals into the Jamman so that the signal
levels are well balanced.   so far I've been looping
sounds for a korg X-3, Theremin through a Wah-wah
"sounds like a turntable under proper setting", mic
(SFX, voice), fretless bass, fretted 5 string, guitar.
  I had all this gear and didn't really know what to
do with it until I saw this one particular gig.  Just
got inspired to get into the looping business after
seeing David Torn & Will Calhoun do there looping gig
@ the knit(NYC).

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