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Re: Digitech RDS footswitches, looping reverb

At 11:28 AM 2/24/00 -0500, you wrote:
>> functions I'm interested in controlling are bypass, repeat hold, and VCO
>> control.  The online manual (thanks a TON, BTW, to whoever posted that)

The absolute cheapest footswitch I've seen that would control the bypass
and repeat hold is Radio Shack part # 44-610, for a whole $4.49 each. You'd
have to change the plug, though. You can find 'em near the tape recorder

I've got one velcroed to my pedalboard right next to a "real" one (ie, from
a respected manufacturer) that cost five times as much (one for bypass, one
for repeat hold), and they're pretty much identical. I've been stomping on
the cheap little thing daily with my big size 12's, and it's lasted over a
year now with no ill effects, although having said that it'll probably
self-destruct into little plastic smithereens the next time I even look at