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Re: torn vs. fripp

I enjoy them both. At the moment, I'm listening to dt's 'and well i found
no bottom' and enjoying it immensely. Fripp and Eno's "Evening Star" might
be next. But it's never a question of greater preference as if they have to
be ranked in a linear pecking order totem pole. I didn't watch the Grammys,

One thing both of these fine musicians have in common is the fact that they
have each had extensive backgrounds in a variety of contexts and have
played with a wide spectrum of influential and interesting collaborators.
It is through their respective interactions with these artists that we are
able to see their playing from a broader range of perspectives than would
normally be afforded the listeners of a less musically promiscuous player.
I like to see how an excellent musician functions in different situations,
bouncing a diversity of ideas off a number of innovative co-conspirators
and responding creatively when the array of responses come bouncing back.


At 05:57 PM 2/24/00 -0800, you wrote:
>which do you enjoy more,the ambient/soundscape/looping
>music of David Torn or Robert Fripp? And Why?
>- A