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Re: torn vs. fripp

Whoa, a debate about the two mack-daddies of looped guitar?!  This could 

For my part, I wuv 'em both and consider them among my favorites.

However, if pressed, I'd have to admit that I wish Fripp used his equipment
a bit more resourcefully; I mean, with all the effects and synth modules he
uses, why does he resort to that Mellotron-ish synthy sound 90% of the 
ignoring all the other timbral possibilities available to him?  (probable
answer:  because he likes it)  I think Torn gets more sonic mileage out of
his equipment, especially considering that he's not going the synth route,
but his pieces often lack the slow-burning, gradually-climaxing tension 
Fripp is so great at manipulating.

As a final aside, Torn's much more fun to watch during a performance.


PS  My Boss GT-3 arrived in the mail yesterday.  God, what a piece of
machinery!  This thing is going to keep me busy for years...

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Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 8:57 PM
Subject: torn vs. fripp

> which do you enjoy more,the ambient/soundscape/looping
> music of David Torn or Robert Fripp? And Why?
> - A
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