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Re: torn vs. fripp

Interesting how many people assume I meant - "who is
better" (I supposed due to the poorly worded subject),
I actually asked who do you ENJOY more, you may simply
have a preference - I doubt everyone likes all music
equally ; I thought it would be interesting to hear
exactly what drew you to one particular artist more
than another. I ask because I've listened to a lot of
Fripp and relatively little Torn, and was interested
in how similar/dissimilar they are. Thanks for the

--- George Van Wagner <vanwag@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Well, I suspect that DT could take Fripp at hand to
> hand, but beyond 
> that, why is it a competition?
> George
> >which do you enjoy more,the
> ambient/soundscape/looping
> >music of David Torn or Robert Fripp? And Why?
> >
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