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Re:RE: torn vs. fripp

I suggest  DT's "Cloud About Mercury" with Bruford & Levin (2/4 of King 
to make things more confuse) and David Sylvian's "Secrets from the 
beehive" so
you can compare how does DT and RF colaborate with the same artist (RF 
plays on
Sylvian's Gone to Earth as a colaborator).


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Assunto:    RE: torn vs. fripp
Autor:  "Javier Miranda V." <gnominus@earthling.net>
Data:       25/02/2000 11:13

OK folks, would you please indulge me and list for me a list of DT records
that I must have.  I just realised I have no DT CDs.  Hard to get into the
ongoing argument this way.


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  | From: Mats Eriksson (ECS) [mailto:Mats.Eriksson@ecs.ericsson.se]
  | Sent: Friday 25 February 2000 12:16 AM
  | To: 'Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com'
  | Subject: RE: torn vs. fripp
  | I have one Fripp Cd "Blessing of tears" that is extremely
  | beautiful. The old ones on vinyl (the 70's
  | and 80's stuff). But I think the rest tend to sound the same.
  | Is that why there arent THAT many players who indulge
  | in looping? It tends to sound the same no matter who it is.