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Re:RE: torn vs. fripp

At 01:53 PM 2/25/00 -0300, you wrote:
>I suggest  DT's "Cloud About Mercury" with Bruford & Levin (2/4 of King
>to make things more confuse) and David Sylvian's "Secrets from the
beehive" so
>you can compare how does DT and RF colaborate with the same artist (RF
plays on
>Sylvian's Gone to Earth as a colaborator).

or you could get Bruford/Levin's "Upper Extremities" which has some tasty
Torn and Sylvian/Fripp's "The First Day" (which has Trey Gunn and Pat
Mastelotto, the rhythm section of the current King Crimson).

as far as Torn recomendations, i've said before (i even think in this
forum) "What Means Solid, Traveller?", "Polytown" and Mark Isham's Score
for "The Beast" are great places to start. then again "Cloud About Mercury"
is the record that completely changed the way i approach music...

and maybe even someday the "Splattercell" disc will be released!  


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