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Re: torn vs. fripp

>>> Aaron Schindler <aaron_sorghum@yahoo.com> 02/24 6:01 PM >>>
which do you enjoy more,the ambient/soundscape/looping music of David
Torn or Robert Fripp? And Why?

While I love both players and could say they've been important
influences on me, I find David Torn more exciting to listen to
because, to me, his tracks feel less contrived and more off the cuff.
He's also not afraid to just play the damn guitar... Like Fripp, DT
has pioneered looping and sound treatments extensively and they both
excel at this in their own unique ways.

Now... Fripp has amazed me through the years... I've was able to see
both ProjeKCt 2 and 4... which I've heard criticised heavily, but feel
that both contained some amazing moments of pure music. I much prefer
the ProjeKCts to Crimson. (Flameproof suit ON!) Those projects also
gave me a much needed dose of pure Fripp energy, with him stepping out
and just ripping with his trademark sounds and audio events/treatments
as well as looping.

One thing about them live... just pure sound tech... It's always been
easier for me to find Fripp in the mix than David. I haven't had the
opportunity to see DT in the last couple years, but back when I did
see him a couple times, I could barely hear him in the mix. Hopefully
things have improved in that department!

In the end I still love them both!