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Re: torn vs. fripp

>>>> Aaron Schindler <aaron_sorghum@yahoo.com> 02/24 6:01 PM >>>
>which do you enjoy more,the ambient/soundscape/looping music of David
>Torn or Robert Fripp? And Why?
>While I love both players and could say they've been important
>influences on me, I find David Torn more exciting to listen to
>because, to me, his tracks feel less contrived and more off the cuff.
>He's also not afraid to just play the damn guitar... Like Fripp, DT

i am new to this list but it is a great one and i am glad i joined.  and
now my  two cents on the fripp/torn thing.  the last statement above pretty
much sums it up for me.  torn will just play the damn guitar and not worry
about the way he holds the pick.  fripp has some great stuff with crimson,
solo and with mr. eno - but  fripp has got to be the most pretentious
person ever to play the guitar.  i heard a lecture by him once and he spent
a half hour tearing jimi hendrix apart because jimi didn't use proper
technique.  torn's POLYTOWN (w/bozzio and karn)  and WHAT MEANS SOLID
TRAVELLER  are both masterpieces in my opinion.  i used to be on the torn
mailing list and he would write messages from time to time and give
everyone insights on his compositions and what he was up to - and if you
sent him email, he would send it back.  i love approachable geniuses.