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RE: Describing looping to others

Now, Kim, I am careful. I said AUDIO equivalent, not MUSICAL equivalent, 
there's a difference.

Look at the link, that Mike Biffle sent, BTW thanks! That will get you 
folks a hint of the idea.
M C Escher uses THE SAME TECHNIQUE, basically, in all his paintings, but 
paints/draws different motifs
all the time. And then, it was just a suggestion... "how about..." But 
definitely not a simple explanation for John Doe or Granny! 

In classical music notation it is called an OSTINATO pattern. Ravels 
Bolero being the most famous composition,
/demonstration of how to use an OSTINATO pattern all the way through. 
Ravel was really a looper DJ...

>be careful that you're not describing the style of music, rather than a


>>How about the audio equivalent of an ESCHER painting?