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Re: Describing looping to others

  that sure helps if your looper is a boomerang! :-)

At 11:47 AM 25/02/00 EST, you wrote:
>Since a lot of otherwise very nice people seem to sometimes think of 
>technology as, somehow, "cheating" when applied to the arts in general 
>music in particular) I use the following analogy when talking about 
>Think about juggling. A juggler throws an object into the air and it 
>He throws it again and it returns. He throws many objects into the space 
>above him and they all return. This "circle of motion" keeps going as 
>long as 
>(and as well as) the skill of the juggler holds out. 
>Then imagine that the juggler adds some newfangled "antigravity" 
>to his routine that allows him to put one of these "circles of motion" in 
>place up in the air above his head and then remove his hands and still 
>it hanging their circling as long as he wishes.
>Further, imagine that he is able to hang ANY number of these moving 
>of objects in midair--all sorts of objects, large, small, living or 
>inanimate, whatever--and have the circles all chain in and out of one 
>and dance in the air above his head. What a show that would be!
>Certainly, there might still be a few who would scoff and say that this 
>marvel was not "real" juggling in the traditional sense. But one would be 
>hard pressed, I think, to make that judgment stick for long. Because at 
>base is still involved all of the original skills of juggling. The 
>"antigravity" technology is just an "amplification" of these. And, with 
>artistry and skill, technology just becomes another one of the things the 
>artist juggles. 
>That is what looping is "like."