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[OT] Interest in JI software/hardware

I'm interested in exploring Just Intonation and am exploring various 

In any case, it looks like I need something capable of a tuning resolution
smaller than 1 cent.  A quick perusal of the Just Intonation scales on the
Microtonal Synthesis Page (http://home.att.net/~microtonal/) shows
practical every scale composed of note degrees that are at a precision of
as little as thousandths of a cent.

One option is just do everything on my PC.  Native Instruments
Generator/Reaktor/Transformer appears to offer floating-point precision for
scale resolution.  How about other software synths such as Reality?  Yes, I
know what Csound is :), but I want something I can play in realtime with a
MIDI controller. The main problem with this approach is that it would be
difficult to take this "instrument" out to gigs (there are people I would
like to jam with, and soon).

Another option appears to be PC software that imposes any tuning you want
on any MIDI sound source by using MIDI pitch-bend.  But again, it looks
like I'll have to bring my PC to the gig if I want to use this option.

Yet another option appears to be getting a sampler, but that's only because
I have no idea of the scale resolution such beasts are capable of.

I ask this here because several of you are interested in this stuff.