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Re: ben neill (was torn vs. fripp)

Sure, his website is <http://www.mercurious.com/ben-neill/>

The "tech" page tells all about the controller itself, but not what's in
that great big rack to his left onstage.

When I saw him duet with drummer Jim Mussen about a year and a half ago,
there was a lot of looping going on, but I couldn't see what he was using.
I could see a couple of laptops in his rig, but I don't think it was all

I enjoy all three of the Neill albums I've heard (Green Machine, Tryptical
and Goldbug), but have to say that the added dimension of Jim Mussen's
excellent and innovative drumming surpassed anything on the albums. I wish
he'd record with Mussen!


At 10:09 AM 2/26/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Could you point me in the direction of this "mutantrumpet" documentation?
>BTW - I've heard some of Jon Hassel's work credited an elusive instrument 
>the same name...
>(looping trumpet is one of my things.)
>Much obliged!
>eric o.