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Looped Trumpet (was Re: torn vs. fripp)

eric wrote:
> Hey!
> Could you point me in the direction of this "mutantrumpet" documentation?

I don't know of any documentation. Ben Neill
has a trumpet that has more than one bell,
more like a couple of trumpets in one with some kind of 
midi control.

> BTW - I've heard some of Jon Hassel's work credited an elusive 
>instrument of
> the same name...

While he runs it through a bunch of effects,
Jon Hassell does it all with his lip and his ear.

> (looping trumpet is one of my things.)
> Much obliged!
> eric o.

A looped horn is a beautiful thing. Check out Chet Baker
on the new archive release by Terry Riley, Music for the Gift,
(organ of corti 1). It seems like looped trumpet started here!

There's also some looped sax on some old Terry Riley 
recordings, I think. I need a new needle for
my turn table.

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