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Re: [OT] Interest in JI software/hardware

At 12:48 AM 2/26/00 -0800, you wrote:
>BeOS is becoming a more viable option for realtime audio stuff, especially
>if you can code. Another very flexible and portable platform for sonic
>exporation and realtime performance is a Powerbook G3 running MAX/MSP
>[www.cycling74.com] or SuperCollider.
>for me it is important to be able to channel this stuff down through a
>process that is me, not accept the factorystamp process for making 
>maxmsp is great for this, because you first design the process and then 
>it. maxmsp is a pretty thorough graphical language, and its extensible 
>C++, so you should have no problem rigging up microtonal jams. kit clayton
>showed me his live granular synth and the software wiring was staggeringly
>thick and maxmsp was still flying.
>i'll be wiring up some custom looping tools in maxmsp as soon as i get it
>running. exciting.
>in lake'ch


How do you "play" your laptop?  If you are triggering it with a MIDI
controller, how is the response?  Is the OS-imposed latency significant or
not noticeable at all if using the MIDI controller?