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Re: [OT] Interest in JI software/hardware

At 01:25 AM 2/28/00 EST, you wrote:
>    Perhaps it's been mentioned, (if so, I missed it), but many keyboards 
>built in the last ten years or so are capable of just intonation tunings 
>along with alot of midi control functions.  My venerable 'old' Korg T3 
>certainly is.  And most of the time, that's the tunings I use.
>    hawkeye

Yes, John Lofflink's site at http://home.att.net/~microtonal/ lists a bunch
of keyboards that offer microtuning.  However, most of them have a scale
resolution of 1 cent at the smallest.  

According to his site, a 12-tone just intoned scale is made up of cent
intervals that use up to 4 decimal places of precision - far more fine than
1 cent.

I just ran across his post that says that exact precision is not
necessarily a big deal, however.  I will have to read it in greater detail.