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Re: [OT] Interest in JI software/hardware

Hi Paolo-

>How do you "play" your laptop?  If you are triggering it with a MIDI
>controller, how is the response?  Is the OS-imposed latency significant or
>not noticeable at all if using the MIDI controller?

I'll be able to give you a better rundown next week when I actually connect
the gear together. The OS-imposed latency is between 10 and 20 ms, and
varies with the audio D/A hardware-- the powerbook internal sound manager 
pretty good for lowlatency work. Though I haven't started jamming with it
yet, I'm told its good for realtime performance. CNMAT in Berkeley hosts a
lot of improvising musicians on acoustic and electronics running in 
on MSP. With a desktop machine and a MOTU2408 as an audio interface you can
get flatline 6 ms latency--and since, at MIDI transmission rates, a single
note on message takes 2 ms to transmit, most of the remaining latency is 
even audio!