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A question about feedback

IMy name's Marco, nd I'm writing from Rome (Italy).
Before all excuse me if my english isn't too good. I hope I can explain my
I've got an Echoplex LoopIII v5.0 , bought 2 years ago, and sometimes
(often) I can't use it because when I turn it on, after the usual sequence
on the display the Feedback indicator light becomes orange and it kepp on
stay in ths mode until in the left part of the display appears "5", the
feddback light turn green but nothing happens if I press Record (both in 
machine and in the footpedal)  or if I try to change the parameters.
Is it a "common" problem. I supposed it was linked to small voltage changes
but now I can't play since a couple of week, so this possibility  sounds
Does someone knows something?
Thanks a lot