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Re: D-beam (light-beam)

Can you tell me more about the D-beam itself?  Also, have you heard of the
Lightning II?  This may be of interest to you as well.


actually, if anyone has any more information on such things (remote 
triggers, etc.), I'd be curious to know more.


David Potter wrote:

> Hi loopheads,
>     I want to hook up a D-beam to some of my gear and control it with
> different parts of my body.  The D-Beam comes in the Roland 880 rythum 
> but I've got the electribe and ER1 synced to a Dr Rythum 660.  Does 
> know if this is possible?  It's a lazer light that controls effects and
> parameters.  Sort of like the Kaoss pad. Thanks, Papa Dave