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Re: D-beam (light-beam)

This is what I found on one of Interactive's pages.  

February 24, 2000 - In  accordance with Interactive Light the final 
30 Dimension Beams from the original production run of 100 units in 1995 
(previously reserved for professional endorsements only) are being made 
available.  These handbuilt Beams were assembled one-at-a-time and served 
professional precursors to the later designed consumer model.  They are 
housed in solid metal enclosures specially designed and built to withstand 
professional touring and studio usage.  Internally, they consist of an 
optical block and 6 separate printed circuit boards in order to eliminate 
analog/digital crosstalk.  These numbered professional units are now being 
made available and will cost $500.00 each.  Included will be power supply 
(110V or 220V), footswitch, and retro-reflectors for optional beam 
     -Vincent De Franco
    I use the D-Beam on my SP-808 all the time, but these puppies (above) 
alot more it seems!